Midstate COSH has seven teen trainers on staff that help organize workshops to educate young workers on issues of workplace safetyy. All of our trainings are free to employers and employees.

Youth Safety & Health

During the summer of 2016 peer trainers Antonio Triana and Ella Bard led workshops reaching more than 100 young people to teach them how to recognize and control hazards in the workplace and how to exercise their legal rights. The hazards training emphasize Sexual Harassment and Violence in the Workplace. Many of these teens were working for the first time. We are funded by a grants through our national network and also from the Park Foundation and the Community Foundation. All of our training is free to employers and employees.

In the summer of 2017, Antonio Triana became the youth coordinator for Teens Lead @ Work. We held an eleven hour training for trainers in late May and early June and now have seven new trainers. They include three Ithaca High students, two Alternative Community School students, a graduating Ithaca High student and a first year college student. This summer the teen trainers have lead four workshops at GIAC, and at the Youth Farm and at Vines, a Binghamton urban farm that employs youth. We hope to have them lead workshops in the schools this fall.