We’re Hiring Teens!—Accepting Applications Now Through January 20

                     We are a seven-year-old program;

                     In a thirty-year-strong organization;

                    The product of a 250-year-old movement.

                    And we build ever more on that legacy with every new generation of peer leaders we recruit!

We at Teens Lead @ Work (TL@W), a youth training program of the Midstate Council for Occupational Safety and Health (or MCOSH), see it all the time.  We prepare teens to lead other youth—and sometimes adults—in workshops on how to stay healthy, safe, and strong at work.  Then, whether on a farm, in a classroom, on a road trip to a national conference, our teens lead and grow; advocate and present; train and work hard to ensure their communities are healthy, safe, and strong…adding their unique skills to this shared cause.

We’ve seen Ishan Ethridge, our youth coordinator, do the work.  And do so very well.  He entered our program as a probing fifteen-year-old, seeking summer employment and an opportunity to enhance his resume.  Now, as a sophomore at Cornell University, Ishan builds on that legacy by adding his voice to his community’s, making measurable, meaningful change, and influencing the work and achievements of teens starting out just as he had those years ago.

We’ve seen Sophia and John do the work.  And do so superbly well.  You can read a bit about them here:

And now we’re beckoning you to the challenge!

In addition to great pay and great encounters with equally great peers, working here offers many perks:

·         Projects that cater to your interests, abilities, and future goals;

·         Professional skills and college- and work-readiness coaching;

·         Varied educational opportunities;

·         Flexible hours, with remote, work-from-home potential; and

·         In-Office snacks; and

·         Much, much more!

Want more details?  Have questions?  Join us at an upcoming open house. Sign up here.  Or reach out anytime at or

And…if this already sounds like your cup of tea, apply here.  We’re accepting applications until January 20, 2022.  

We look forward to yours!